It's time to look to our deepest spiritual roots

The emergence of this pathogen and its spread around the world is just the latest in a series of contractions that have shaken the planet and altered nations and international standards.

There will be those who see this as part of an "end-times" scenario, and we may as well accept that the postwar universe many of us have inhabited for most of our lives is passing away. Anyone who claims to know what will emerge in its place is selling moonshine. So - not end times in the evangelical sense but undeniably the ending of a well-known world.

Yesterday, the Governor of Maryland declared a state of emergency and closed all of the state schools. This is good public health policy, but from what I've seen it has produced a state of derangement even in people who are usually even-tempered and sober. The ham-handed and contradictory response from the federal government hasn't helped.

I believe the most important preliminary step for all of us is to understand this crisis in a larger context - it's only one piece of a process of fundamental change in governing institutions around the world that corresponds with the transit of Pluto through Capricorn and which has reached a kind of peak with the conjunction of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars in the latter degrees of that sign. More is coming: the period between now and the November elections promises to continue the "hardening of hearts" around the world. (I will write about this in detail in another post.)

How are we to respond ? Throw up our hands ? Say it's karma ? Opine about archetypal patterns playing out ? These are unsatisfying responses. We are being called on to cash in old concepts and old identities, and the salvation of ourselves and our planet can only come from willingly moving into a new and as yet unknown relationship with our world. The key is to seek the future by releasing the past; as we do this individually we help everyone around us.

Translation provides a way to take on the challenges of this situation and see through to an underlying, ever-present spiritual wholeness that cannot be undone. This in a way that is distinctly different than praying to God for deliverance. Many years before the founding of The Prosperos Emma Curtis Hopkins put it this way:

"The free, wise, immortal center of man is the begotten of God. Only this uninjurable and shining principle is offspring of I AM THAT I AM. . . . The upward vision saves [both sinner and saint]. There is no respect of persons on the high watch."

The Prosperos instruction teaches that change is inevitable and that underlying the shifting kaleidoscope of appearances can be found an unchanging source of illumination and wholeness. By tapping into this invisible source we can bring forth that same integrity in our world. In the Law of the Vacuum the founder of The Prosperos lays out a fundamental metaphysical principle : the size of any challenge is proportional to the bounty waiting to be called forth into manifestation.

Now might be a good time to revisit that lesson.