Making it real

image of earth surrounded by barbed wireIn the applied practice of Ontology, Translation, we arrive in the fifth step at a state of realization of the One Life. We perform a “high hot shout” of insight, as Emma Curtis Hopkins put it.

In doing so, we establish in our consciousness an unmitigated awareness of the presence of God. This awareness is made more keen by all that has gone before: by the process of working through the sense testimony to understand this specific instance of life in its reality essence.

Reading the great mystics, such as Mrs. Hopkins or Mrs. DeWaters, brings us to a general understanding of Truth and Truth’s all presence. It is uplifting and revealing.

Applying that insight to the details of our experience - the immediate questions that are pressing upon us - takes general understanding and makes it very real, very personal, and not at all an ivory tower “principle.”

Principles are uplifting in their impersonality. We can count upon 2+2=4 to be true for us everywhere. We can count on the Allness of Truth to be present everywhere.

But our lives are not lived impersonally; they are very personal, and we are faced with personal challenges in the most ordinary of times - all the more so now when we are faced with the specter of global catastrophe. The global catastrophe has meanings for each person that are unique to that person. Indeed, it is in those lives that the more general challenge unfolds: Without those lives it is meaningless.

Taking our sense testimony into the tribunal of our mind and exposing it to the deepest insight of Truth that we can find changes us in specific ways, not general ones. We find Truth shining through where we once saw fear, or evil, or threat. We redeem this one piece of the world which is ours to transform. In this act we are the presence of God on earth.