The Finished Kingdom

Excerpts from the 1925 book by Lillian DeWaters

In the early days of Translation class, The Finished Kingdom was used as a textbook for the class. This seems like a very good time to return to that seminal text. Mrs. DeWaters established what she called the science of the absolute long before many other teachers appeared. The following extract comes from Chapter Two, Heal the Sick

“In the science of God, we look toward the realm of Reality, we describe it, we praise it, we have faith in it, and it manifests unto us. Is not everything already created, already perfect, already changeless, already prepared, already manifested in the finished Kingdom? High recognition brings one into the light and, automatically, he is lighted.

“Light does not have to be acquainted with darkness in order to remove it. Should light search from plane to plane and from eternity to eternity, it would never find darkness for, where ever light might search, it would find only itself, – its own radiant brightness.

“See the self of the one called patient perfect in the finished Kingdom! The real self is the Christ of God knowing no sickness, no weakness nor death. Let us refuse to see or to acknowledge any other than this Self. Let us turn our gaze to the Kingdom and conform our thoughts thereto, knowing that perfect life is now and forever and that we are now this perfect life."

Lillian DeWaters, The Finished Kingdom, pp46-47.