The foundation of The Prosperos instruction: Straight Thinking in the Abstract

Our mind is the soil from which change grows. Translation® is a tool (a conversation in Heaven) to help you mindfully face life’s difficulties and practice seeing through the appearance to the Truth-filled Essence.

Thane of Hawaii

"In Translation we do not seek to change the world outside of us, but rather we seek to change our consciousness of it."

-Thane Walker, creator
of Translation® class

TRANSLATION® CLASS gives us a critical and creative thinking tool we can use to discover the truth of any problem or limitation that our senses claim to be true. We all perceive with our 5 senses and we interpret what we perceive. NOW IS THE TIME TO WAKE UP! Our true identity is AWARENESS or CONSCIOUSNESS - The ability to think! We can BE the change that we want to be! Instead of hoping the problems go away - we learn to Translate OUR view of a problem. The process of TRANSLATION® helps us to reveal to ourselves - the ever present Truth that is all around us!

NOTE: After every class you will be invited to join workshops where we will work together to understand the Five Steps of Translation®. In addition, you will be able to join a study group (Find Yourself and Live) that will meet weekly or biweekly for 36 lessons. You will listen to recordings by Thane (founder of The Prosperos and creator of the Translation® Class) and discuss each lesson in a Group Dynamics format.

Delivery Options

Translation® is best experienced face-to-face in a live class with a Prosperos Mentor. It is also given in various online formats.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming classes will be listed in the "Classes" section of the website - or check out the Events listing.