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Aloha !

  • Tag Team Translation online seminar weekly beginning January 2015

  • Church - Heather Williams

  • Study Group

Welcome to a place where old hurts, old prisons, and the lethargy of the ego-centered state are released in the understanding of your innate Self

Online workshops and open meetings

Heather Williams and Suzanne Deakins have organized a compelling series of online Sunday Meetings and we are also offering regular online workshops in the fundamental Prosperos meditation / transformation tools. The Sunday Meetings include participation from Prosperos Mentors and others and are open to anyone. We've set up a download service so you can listen later in the event you can't make the presentation. The Workshops are specific to the Prosperos classes of Translation® and Releasing the Hidden Splendour™ and are open only to students who have taken those classes.

Join us for group activities and individual study as we explore extended reaches of awareness.