The Prosperos springs from the vision of our Founder, Thane Walker, and from the consistent efforts of numerous students over the years.

Thane and Norma Keller present to a group of students at the Servers' Center on Fourth Street, Santa Monica, California

Thane taught with Lillian De Waters and drew his absolute viewpoint from the work of Emma Curtis Hopkins, whose books and lessons he aided in having sought out and reprinted in the 1930s. Other associations included G.I. Gurdjieff, Emmett Fox, Sigmund Freud, C.G. Jung, and J. Krishnamurti. After many years of spiritual study and teaching Thane and a small group of students founded The Prosperos in 1956.

The keystone of his instruction has always been to offer guidance for those seeking greater freedom; his crucial method the ancient Oral Tradition - sometimes called "Fire in the Mouth," although some letter lessons and other written materials are available.

Prosperos Mentors continue the Oral Tradition when presenting Closed Class and other face-to-face or online instruction. (Above, Thane teaching Releasing the Hidden Splendour™ with Norma Keller, H.W., M., circa 1971)

The inception of The Prosperos occurred "in the bar of the Harvard Club," Thane often said. It was inspired by a series of 13 talks presented by the renowned 20th century thinker Lewis Mumford, titled In the Name of Sanity. In these talks Mumford used Shakespeare's play The Tempest to illustrate the condition and conflicts of mid-20th century civilization.

Thane linked this material with his own work, The Astounding Revelation, written on the island of Patmos following his release from Nuremberg Prison many years earlier, to aim for a new kind of education - something capable of returning the learner to their own Being and drawing forth their innate wholeness.

The first major thrust was the seminar "Translation®," followed by "Releasing the Hidden Spendour™." Through the years the curriculum expanded to include "Cosmic Intention Therapy," "Advance Seminar," "Self Encounter," "Supracargo," and "Eleventh Hour Dispatch," as well as numerous audio study lessons.

The Prosperos is not a new religion but could be seen as a new theology.

The Prosperos believes that because consciousness unfolds forever at cyclic intervals someone brings to light a higher meaning of philosophy, theology and, today, psychology. In this frame of reference, Thane taught the "New Tongue."

Purpose of The Prosperos

A. "To bear witness in a age of material greatness to the primacy of the spiritual; to interpret the importance of spiritual dimensions in practical affairs and common concerns, and to spell out what free man can do to act effectively in the present world crisis."

B. "To give man a new identity (actually show him how to recognize is only true identity) and to develop and channel this concept beyond his presently cognized equipment and resources."

C. "To foster and develop spiritually-motivated action in social and civil lfe."