The Prosperos comprises a diverse, and some say eccentric, community of students, seekers, and Mentors. Included here are posts from some of them. More can be found on the Uplook blog.

We also invite you to read up on the astrological phenomenon known as "Moonwobble" - a term coined by The Prosperos' founder, Thane

And we believe that a community thrives when help is at hand. If you are facing challenging circumstances do not hesitate to use the High Watch Translation Service

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Group of students on a Hawaiian lanai

New Sunday Meeting video and audio files

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Heather Williams continues Mysterious Journey series

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Independence from What ?

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Recorded July 5, 1981

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Moonwobble - June 2020

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Peak June 18, 19, 20 - Signs affected: Gemini, Sagittarius; Pisces and Virgo to a lesser degree

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Making it real

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The Finished Kingdom

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Excerpts from the 1925 book by Lillian DeWaters

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