Foundation Classes

Fundamental instruction for personal freedom

Taken together, the Foundation Classes provide a bedrock of expertise and a comprehensive rationale for understanding the nature of Reality and thus the nature of your own Being - your Ontological identity.

Cosmic Intention Therapy

The ever-transcending Life force has created a new species adapted to a new universe. The old must give way to the new, and the new must retain only the best of what has come before. Cosmic Intention Therapy examines the new paradigm from several angles and offers guidance for both young and old.

Advance Seminar

In order to navigate in rapidly changing circumstances we need to find reliable reference points. That means learning how to recognize the invisible reality around us and understand that we are not separate from any element of the universe, nor are we separate from others. Initially developed to prepare students for Translation class.


"To bear into heaven, originally without death"

Translation class provides the fundamental resource required for shedding limitation, disorder, and confusion from your world: straight thinking in the abstract. When we judge by appearances we judge amiss. "That which is essential is invisible to the eye," as Antoine de Saint Exupéry wrote. Learn to see through what seems to be - limitation, anxiety, oppression - to Truth which lies waiting for your discovery. Not "the Truth" - there is no "the Truth" - but Truth: reality, wholeness, innate integrity. Your Ontological identity is ever-present, awaiting recognition.

Releasing the Hidden Splendour™

Emotional blocks present us with challenges that can lead to the most profound insights. Releasing the Hidden Splendour teaches how to trade in painful or unpleasant feelings for insight and freedom by practicing the Joseph Technique™. Employing the principles of Translation in a practice of loving and thoughtful self reflection we come to release the past and embrace our true heritage of freedom and grace.